Quickly finding right in the early stages of product development is crucial for an effective development process.

Already in the conceptual phase, approximately 80 percent of the cost and 90 percent of the product’s, resource and environmental impact are determined. Therefore design issues are growing significantly today, in all manufacturing industries.

Design is so much more than just shape and appearance. Function and ergonomics, producibility, durability, as well as identification and distinction from competitors, are also important aspects.

With fast conceptual modeling, in software that is fully compatible with your normal design tools, you take care of the important first steps in your product development. You will avoid expensive misunderstandings and convey ideas better, faster and safer to customers, suppliers and financiers. With focus on design at the right level for your business, you win speed, quality and control in the development of new products – all the way from the first idea to the finished product.


Welcome to Cadcraft’s world of possibilities!


Concept modeling and design

Sketch, modify, refine, develop – all the way from the first idea to finished Class A classified surfaces. With design clearly integrated into your product development, you will get new opportunities to develop products efficiently, products that are adapted from the outset to the requirements for durability, producibility and functionality placed on the market. Your finished design models can be used directly in the design programs without loss of data.


Concept Visualization

Clearness is the best way to fast business! Let the customer see how to scheme the new product or solution. With quick and clear conceptualization you will get an offer and basis of discussion that instantly engages the customer.



Using software that is directly compatible with your other CAD environment, it’s easy to create attractive visualizations and animate, simulate and rename based on the design models you’ve already created. Effective tools and streamlined workflows make it easy to create both simpler and more complex objects in high resolution.