Operations Management

Where in the organization do we find the bottlenecks? What can be done about them? How do we shorten your lead times most effectively?

Operations Management


Internationalization. Glowing competition. Increased market demands. Time to market.

Nowhere is the term “time is money” clearer than in the manufacturing industry. And nowhere is the discussion more apparent than in the management team. Efficiency and profitability begins and ends in the processes. At Cadcraft, we take a holistic approach to your processes and we will help you analyze how to develop your business.


We will support you on how to implement the right solution from start to finish, which gives a good leverage and quick ROI on your efforts. Our efforts will offer you better profitability, decision based on clear and objective facts, shorter lead times and increased market share. Or all. With the same workforce, you can accomplish more – if automation and integration will free up time for your employees to devote themselves to right things.


Process analysis

Let us improve your processes together! Where in the organization are the challenges? What can we do about them? How much will it cost – and how fast do you get back the value of the investment? Together with Cadcraft’s experienced engineers and analysts, you will get access to the latest in R&D in terms of efficiency and profitability. You will also get valuable feedback and world-wide information that makes your business way more efficient.


Concept Visualization

Clarity is the best way to fast business! Let the customer know how to plan the new product or solution. With quick and clear conceptualization, you will get an offer worth the name, and a discussion paper that instantly engages the customer.


Product Configuration

Why reinvent the wheel over and over? Product Configuration allows you to quickly and easily customize your products according to the customer’s specific dimensions, wishes and requirements. It has never been easier to create customized products and it has never gone faster or become more accurate when you quote.

Cadcraft have been working inn Product Configuration for almost 30 years. We have satisfied customers who know that even a major investment in a product configurator pays off quickly and easily!

Welcome to Cadcraft’s world of possibilities!


System Integration

Double work is the number one enemy for processes. Manual and repetitive tasks cost a lot of time, they are uninteresting and give a lot of space for mistakes. Therefore, let Cadcraft integrate your most important systems! Register your item, article, drawing or model once – and it automatically reflect all other essential systems.


Product Lifecycle Management, PLM

Product Lifecycle Management is a buzzword that simply means that you collect all essential information about a product in the same place – from design drawings to marketing materials, production data and correspondence. This usually take a lot of space, but today there are excellent cloud-based solutions where you buy the space you need.

Cadcraft helps you find the methodology and layout that makes your PLM solution the most effective tool you’ve ever wanted!