Is your production maximized? Do you have control at all stages? Do you experience many manual mistakes?

Producing is not uncomplicated. This is where you get a receipt if everything has been done correctly in the past so that the production of the product is optimal. Production is also a particularly complex and comprehensive business, with many steps and therefore many sources of error. Efficient production requires control at every stage, and a high degree of automation to avoid manual mistakes.

Cadcraft contributes in many ways even in the production line. Advanced planning tools are an important contribution, where Cadcraft provides systems for more advanced customizations. The system is operated by Cadcraft and keeps track of both NC codes of the current order, as well as duration in the machine for production and delivery time of the order. Another typical effort is qualified systems for so-called nesting, where you use valuable materials in an absolute maximum way.

Take the opportunity to create a delivery dependability you will be truly proud of. Maximize your production by integrating it with the other stages of the development cycle.


Welcome to Cadcraft’s world of possibilities!


Planning Tools

Let Cadcraft take care of the system that manages customization in the production! Based on the CAD drawings for a particular customized order, the system calculates the NC codes, which controls milling machines and other production machines. Salespeople and distributors have access and can check the location of the orders themselves and indicate their time and date of delivery. Cadcraft calculates, builds and operates via external server. Automated, accurate and customer-friendly.


NC control

Automation is the key to a production with as few sources as possible. Of course, NC coding will be generated directly from the completed design drawing. Cadcraft will help you create both simple and more comprehensive automations when it comes to NC control.



It’s good to have 48 variants of nuts to choose from, but your work is getting faster and becomes more efficient if you only have ten. This will also make it easier for the production department to stock. This is the grounded thoughts behind standardization. By working with limited, but relevant and sufficient choices and constantly ensuring that components and modules are kept up to date and current, smooth workflows are created both in the design department and in the production.


Cadcraft will help you identify the possibilities of standardization.