Do you speak the same language as your customer? How fast can you provide an offer? Do you prepare for changes, prices, adjustments to the proposal? Do you lose customers to competitors? Then you probably need to review your sales processes.


With relatively simple technical efforts, your sale calls can be much more productive. Your sales staff can listen, think and deliver creative suggestions in the actual meeting. 

The solution is in the concept of the configuration. You have delivered similar solutions before. The customer has specific requests that need to be met, but the delivery is nothing new – you just need to customize it and count on the new prerequisites. With a product configurator – which may be easier or more advanced – you will continue with the same basic effort.

We will show you how to automate and configure, make the customer more committed and create faster completion.

Welcome to Cadcraft’s world of possibilities!


Concept Visualization

Clarity is the best way to fast business! Let the customer see with their own eyes how you plan the new product or solution. With quick and clear conceptualization you will get an offer and basis of discussion that instantly engages the customer.


Product Configuration

Why reinvent the wheel over and over? Product Configuration allows you to quickly and easily customize your products according to the customer’s specific dimensions, requirements and requests. It has never been easier to create customized products nor gone faster or become more accurate when you give a quote.

Cadcraft have been working on Product Configuration for almost 30 years. We have satisfied customers who know that even a major investment in a Product Configurator pays off quickly and easily!