Building industry

Lots to gain with digital solutions

The building industry is catching up

The digital development in the Swedish building industry is progressing at a furious pace. The manufacturing industry has long been far ahead in development, but now, thanks to more developed technology and a changed attitude in the building industry, we can see that the distance is decreasing.

In the building industry, there are well-established working methods and flows that are now beginning to be questioned and challenged by more modern ways of thinking and digital solutions. In the current highly competitive climate, which entails increasingly tough demands on, among other things, the environment, both from customers and the outside world, it is more important than ever to keep up with developments.

Great environmental potential

The building industry today accounts for about 21% of Sweden’s total emissions, while there is an enormous environmental potential in the industry. With the help of digital solutions, such as a digital twin, it is possible to detect errors even before production. It is also easier to plan the building project and material consumption. This means that the proportion of waste in the projects can be reduced and make the projects more cost-effective.

Thanks to digital solutions, we can make a big difference to the environmental impact and continue the development in the building industry.

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Cadcraft has helped many companies in the building industry to become more efficient with the help of digitization. We support you with method and process development, license management, installations, coaching and other services depending on what you need.

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We believe that the success of more efficient construction is when all functions in the business work towards the same goal. Therefore, we have gathered different roles and picked out challenges and solutions to achieve maximum competitiveness.

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