Analysis and calculation

Work more sustainably

Analysis and calculation are an important part of sustainability issues

The whole world is facing major challenges regarding sustainability issues as the climate is constantly changing. Everyone, individuals and companies, must change and work more sustainably. Laws and regulations place increasingly tough demands on companies that must optimize processes from a sustainability perspective. This also refers to the building industry, where many companies invest extremely large resources in this segment. Today it is all about being competitive, not just now but also in the future.

Carry out your analyzes correctly

In line with all changes in society, it is becoming increasingly important in the building industry to be able to quickly and efficiently analyze and calculate a project from sketch to finished house. Changed building requirements based on laws and regulations as well as requirements from customers and society mean that constantly changing and updated analyzes and calculations are required in building projects.

In order to protect the environment and to save money and resources, it is important to be able to report, for example, a calculation for material consumption, carry out an energy analysis and carry out a solar study.

With the advent of modern cloud-based analysis tools in the industry, the line between the building industry, community planning and urban planning is beginning to blur. This is perceived as logical as all residents in some way contribute to changing the built environment we live in.

Large construction companies today invest heavily in being able to analyze other projects than just house projects. This concerns the surrounding buildings, what service is available nearby, what wind conditions are in the place where the company wants to build, and much more. Analyzes like these bring a better perspective on the project and how the result will be when the house is completed.


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