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Architecture and building design are important for all people. How we live and work has a direct impact on our well-being and our performance. As an architect, you must constantly follow the development of society and create spaces that suit the time we live in, the needs we have today and be foresighted for the needs we are expected to have tomorrow.


With the right tools, you can optimize the creative process and let important time go to the right things. Whether it is about simple, conceptual design or taking your design work to the next level with generative design, Cadcraft can help you develop!


Working with the right tolls is a prerequisite for being able to create new, innovative architecture. Today, most architectural offices work with some type of 3D system for CAD and modeling work. Many also supplement this with 2D systems or hand-drawn sketches. Today, there are developed systems that makes it possible to digitize the entire work from the first sketch of ideas to finished, intelligent 3D models. This requires different BIM standards and often standardized objects to work with.


If you need help or support in your CAD work, Cadcraft can help you. We work daily to support companies to find the right methodology for you so that you can make full use of your systems. We can help you find smart shortcuts so that you can be more efficient and competitive.


Installation and updating

You should most definitely be able to trust that the systems you work with are working correctly and that they are always available. To be able to trust that the systems always work requires correct installations, maintenance and regular updating of the systems. Cadcraft can help you, regardless of whether you need to update to new systems or if you are already working with the right system for your business. We help you with all relevant license management, installation and continuous updating of systems and environments, so that you can spend your time on what you are best at!



With software that is directly compatible with the rest of the CAD environment, it is easy to create attractive visualizations, animate, simulate or render, based on existing models. By working with the right tools and streamlined workflows, you can take your visualization to new heights!


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Emad Zohrevand

AEC Account Manager

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