Streamline and automate your processes


Tomorrow’s winners are companies that today are at the forefront of digital development and automation. No matter how big or small a company is, there is always work that can be digitized and automated. At Cadcraft, we see the opportunities to take the step for a higher level of automation in all our customers.

What does automation mean?

Automation means introducing a step in a process that makes the process more or less continuous by itself. It can be about automating internal flows in the projection process and by that avoiding doing the same things over and over again. By having parameter-controlled processes that allow you to work more efficiently, you save time, which means an increased opportunity to deal with more complex and interesting tasks. Automation is well suited for repetitive, administrative tasks.

An example of an automated process is that you can use Generative Design to create different design ideas at an early stage with certain specified design parameters. With the power of the computer, you can generate countless design ideas and based on more and more parameters automatically generate some suggestions that you want to work on further. Another automated solution can be to build custom configurations, where the customer uses your basic data to create their own feasible designs.

Avoid mistakes with the help of automated flows

Automation allows you to avoid early mistakes in, for example, the sketch stage of a building. Why should you spend time designing a house with ten floors when you can only build five floors? A higher level of automation means that your company increases its competitiveness, provides better quality and a better user experience. You save both time and resources while avoiding manual mistakes. Above all, it is an investment in your employees to automate certain flows, so that they can use their skills in a better way.


We at Cadcraft believe in the potential of your company and your employees. Let the potential show itself where it really does benefit!


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