Building production

Optimize your building production with the help of digitization

Digitization in building production

The building industry is a very information-intensive industry with many participants involved who have to interpret information between the different disciplines in a building project. Important information that forms the basis for what is to be built.


Challenges that exist in the building industry are the mobility required to run a long-term project where project data is often stored and by that not as accessible to all involved parties who need to access the information. Digitization and automation of information is therefore favorable for the entire building process and the project life cycle, including the production stage where traditionally printed drawings form the basis for what is to be built.

Another area that can be digitized and automated is how data is sent between different parties, which today are often sent manually, for example via e-mail or a project portal where functionality for follow-up and communication is lacking. Manual data management can entail a risk, that changes that occur in the projection phase are not communicated to the production on time, or that errors that occur in the production do not reach the projection in time. This can lead to that the building project is being based on incorrect data, which in turn can be extremely costly and resource-intensive. Digitization and automation simplify information management, which means a better insight into the entire project for all parties involved.



More challenges within the production phase are optimization of the construction itself regarding the right basis, time and logistics, both intended for planning resources and material consumption. Therefore, digitization of the building industry should not stop at the projection phase, but should also be adapted to your building production, which is the actual reason why you project. Digitizing the entire building process is not just about the visual part of the projection and collision controls. It is also about being able to apply time planning (4D), quantity and calculation (5D) to simplify the communication, which is a very important aspect in production, between all parties involved.

By using information-bearing 3D models via a project portal, for example BIM Collaborate Pro, the distance between the projection and production can be reduced. This adds participation throughout the project where the production can work with the right basis and with the right version and communicate directly within models with the projection.


With the help of the right tools, working method and with support from us at Cadcraft, we can together minimize risks and at the same time optimize your production.



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