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Endless oppotunities with 3D

From 2D to 3D

Going from 2D to 3D means endless oppotunities for those who dare to take the step. 3D technology began to seriously challenge 2D in the early 2000s and since then the development has progressed very fast. The functionality with 3D have since long passed levels that 2D will never be able to achieve.

Compared to 2D and lines, 3D geometry can carry an incredible amount of data. This opens up for smarter, safer and much more comprehensive project models. It also makes it easier for us to capture complex details, detect errors and by that take action.

3D opens up for better oppotunities

Working in 3D models means that we build models with total associativity, which means that we automatically ensure that all our views, drawings and quantity lists are updated and uniform. It is enough to implement a change in a single place, which saves time while avoiding duplication of work.

When we work with 3D, it also means that we give ourselves the opportunity to develop our models and take them to a whole new level. We open up for better opportunities for collaboration both within the company and with other disciplines in the projects. We can also directly in the models make analyzes, studies and produce data for visualization and rendering.

In the building industry today, there are still many who only work with CAD design in 2D and even those who have taken the step to 3D still often work with complementary 2D systems. For a long time, Cadcraft have helped companies with CAD design and to take the step from 2D to 3D. We have also experience of designing 3D models smartly so that you can get more out of your models in the next step. Cadcraft can help you evaluate your needs and take the step all the way. We help you to streamline your CAD department and get more out of your time.


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Det är inte alla som har koll på vilken programvara som är bäst lämpad sin yrkesroll. Därför har vi sammanställt en jämförelse mellan produkterna för att du enklare ska kunna fatta beslut. Upptäck skillnaden mellan Autodesk Revit och AutoCAD samt om du har behov av den fullskaliga versionen av Revit eller om det räcker med Revit LT.

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