Concept modeling and Design

Challenges traditional sketching

3D instead of 2D

The digitization of the building industry is in full swing and the development is accelerating. We are currently seeing an ongoing change that is spread throughout the entire industry. More and more companies are using 3D instead of 2D and more and more projects are permeated by BIM, where the requirements are constantly becoming clearer and stricter.

Digitization facilitates the creative process

In the past, the main focus has been on digitization of the design phase of the project, but now changes are also beginning to take place in later and earlier stages. The opportunities for digital concept modeling and design are greater than ever before. More developed tools are now seriously challenging traditional sketching. Nowadays, you can easily, anytime and anywhere, sketch and create design digitally.

The demand for more complex and challenging designs and architecture puts great pressure on the architects. Using digital aids, sketching, and creating designs that can be directly connected to CAD systems, can both facilitate the creation process and also decrease the amount of unnecessary work.

With the help of new functionality and technology, it will be possible to re-evaluate the way we create design. Technology, for example generative design, makes it possible to evaluate what needs our design meets, meaning that we first define the needs and then shape the design. Digital technology gives us opportunities to create architecture that has never been possible before.

Challenge traditional design through innovative methods and tools

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