Generative design

Create, test and evaluate different design options

Facilitate decision-making in the project

Through generative design, architects and engineers can create designs that have not previously been possible with manual and traditional tools. Generative design makes it possible to first define the goal and then create the design. In this way, you can create architectural solutions that are both more optimized for the purpose and that are innovative in their expression. With the help of automation, architects and engineers are given the conditions to make faster, better and more informed decisions regarding the design of the project.


Today, basic functionality for generative design is available in Autodesk Revit, and is an area that is constantly evolving.

What is generative design?

Generative design can be experienced as a tool for creating, testing and evaluating different design options. You as a designer define the parameters that you want to start from. It can be about performance, space requirements, materials, production cost, number of hours of sunlight and much more. With the parameters defined, you can let the software develop a number of different solutions at once, instead of modeling one thing at a time. Solutions that are evaluated and ranked according to the alternatives that best meet your requirements.


This gives you as a designer the opportunity to find unique solutions that with traditional methods are often difficult to find, but you also get basic analyzes that make it easier when difficult decisions have to be made. With generative design, thousands of iterations are performed in a fraction of the time it usually takes to manually come up with the best solutions.


Evaluate possible scenarios

With the help of generative design, you can evaluate possible scenarios such as the placement of windows and cranes on the construction site, which in turn can reduce the energy consumption of the project, reduce the risk of exceeding the budget or miss the schedule. You can also reduce material consumption and the proportion of waste. With the help of this functionality, you will ultimately have a completely unique building that no one has ever been able to imagine!


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Emad Zohrevand

AEC Account Manager