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Building construction

The designers are one of the most important parties in all building projects. An optimized, well-thought-out design solution is what makes a building project bear or fail, literally!


In a changing time where the entire building industry is facing major challenges, it is more important than ever to refine the company’s processes and to streamline, standardize and automate. The building industry generally finds it difficult to recruit the right skills, which means that it becomes extra important to take advantage of the skills that are available and that they are used for the right things. The time spent on administration and other activities that do not directly create value can often be limited with the right processes and tools.



“Does the frame hold?” is perhaps the most important issue for a designer working with building construction. A framework needs to take into account a number of different external and internal factors that must be carefully analyzed and calculated. In many cases, these calculations require advanced calculation programs and tools. With us at Cadcraft, you can get help getting started, finding smart solutions and shortcuts to qualified and advanced analysis.


CAD and construction

All building projects start on a drawing board, a drawing board that is often digitally inside a CAD system. The systems are many and give us endless possibilities. The most important thing is to find the right system to work with so that you get the right functionality for your business, which also open up the possibility of collaborating with other disciplines in projects. At Cadcraft, we work daily to support companies to find the right methodology so that they can make full use of their systems. We help you to find smart shortcuts so that you can become more efficient and more competitive.


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Emad Zohrevand

AEC Account Manager

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