Efficient projection

Project in 3D

Are you working properly?

Projection can be a frustrating occupation that is often repetitive and time consuming, which mostly creates irritation. Instead, you could spend time on important and more stimulating tasks.

In many companies there is the knowledge that there is a better way of doing things, but that the knowledge of how to do it, is often lacking. The company may be stuck with old solutions that have “always worked”, without really questioning whether the programs used are the most suitable.

Efficient projection in 3D

There are several reasons to streamline the design of the company, but one thing is for sure and that is that everyone should design in 3D, ie associative 3D modeling. This does not mean that you need to give up the opportunity to work in 2D, but 2D is still used in 3D modeling. The difference is that we work with objects that provide a 3D representation of what the house will actually look like, which has several advantages:


  • Information carrier – In addition to the fact that it is visually easier to see an object in 3D than in 2D, you can also add information about the object, such as what a window or a door costs. This information can then be reused in other projects which saves both time and resources.


  • Export options – DWG, IFC, PDF and more. If you work in projects where you do not have to deliver other file formats than, for example, DWG and PDF, these file formats can also be exported directly from modern 3D programs.


  • Collaboration – If you are several people collaborating on larger projects, the need for more people to work in the same discipline increases. This is today the standard for those who work with modern 3D-CAD programs, which also leads to higher efficiency.


  • Views – Because you work with a model when you work in 3D programs, you can choose to standardize the different views that are interesting to have in a project. The views act as cameras that can be adjusted based on need. This means that we actually create views of our drawings before we even have time to think about it. If something changes in the model, it changes in the affected views that the camera shows. This is called total associativity.



By standardizing the objects you work with, data can be reused, which creates smoother flows in your projects. This saves time, money and resources and streamlines operations. By standardizing, you do not have to reinvent the wheel.


Method developent

We at Cadcraft know that each company is unique and that each business has different strategies for how they work towards their goals. By tailoring solutions to your skills and resources, we jointly create a work methodology that suits your company in the best way.



With today’s modern tools, we have good opportunities to document the work performed, often fully automated. Why spend time manually manage important project data in a Word or Excel document when the same information already exists in your smart CAD program?

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