Streamline through digitization


The turnover in the building industry is high in Sweden and in 2018 about 1000 companies went bankrupt (UC). Maintaining its competitiveness through economic cycles is directly crucial for the survival of many companies. Regardless of the size of the company, the need for efficiency is therefore always present. Some companies need to improve routines and reduce the proportion of administration. Other companies need to standardize and optimize the time spent on each project. What all companies have in common is that they need to digitize. At Cadcraft, we are passionate about digitization and help you regardless of the your current digital maturity level.


BIM for entrepreneurs

Are you interested in BIM but do not know where to start? Today, more and more projects are being designed according to the BIM principle and demand continues to increase. Many companies are currently adjusting to be able to participate in this type of project, which also paves the way for a continued increase in distribution. The benefits are many and BIM projects can potentially save a lot of time and money while increasing the quality of the final delivery. Do you have what it takes to be able to work with BIM on a serious level?


We at Cadcraft help companies at all levels, whether you are about to start your first project or already have established workflows. We help you to adapt the methodology and to implement the necessary systems adapted to your business.



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Emad Zohrevand

AEC Account Manager

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