House Manufacturing

Streamline and digitize your house manufacturing

House Manufacturing

In Sweden, we have many fantastically skilled house manufacturers and there will be more and more. Today, a long craft tradition is mixed with new, modern ideas regarding house types, manufacturing methods and use of material. In many places, we see house manufacturing that is similar to the traditional manufacturing industry rather than the building industry, where the foundation, sections and entire room modules are completed in the factory instead of on site. New technology and innovative ways of thinking open up great opportunities to keep costs down, shorten lead times and also reduce the environmental impact.


Cadcraft Discovery Workshop

When we meet house manufacturers, we usually recommend doing a Cadcraft Discovery Workshop as a first step, which is an activity where we together with you take a holistic approach to your processes. Together, we go through exactly how you carry out your projects today, which activities you spend the most time on and where you feel that there is room for improvement. We will return with a proposal for a digitization plan and how it can be implemented. The workshop can be about everything from finding a more efficient methodology for how you model your houses, to integrating the systems you use, and much more.


System integration

By connecting the systems you use, you can reduce the proportion of duplication of work. We also ensure more reliable data as we also minimize the need to manually manage and recreate data. At Cadcraft, we can integrate your most important systems so that you can work with a single souce of truth and in this way we can streamline your flows and streamline your processes.



When we are projecting houses, there is rarely an official approach. How different tasks and problems are solved often depends on the individual who gets the question on their table. The solution then depends on experience, technical background, competence and a number of other factors. Creativity is something we often want to take advantage of, but in some situations it is more profitable to have specific routines for how some tasks are handled. With standardized processes and tools, you can reduce the risk of missing schedules or exceeding your budget.


Projection and production

In order to succeed well in the production phase, elaborated documents are required where there is little room for interpretation and contradictions. You achieve this already at the sketch board when you create and coordinate the documents. This requires good and adapted tools, adapted processes and a functioning communication.


Producing the right information should be simple, consistent and clear. To ensure this, the documentation should be based on data retrieved directly from your CAD models. If you can ensure a functioning bidirectional communication between the projection and production, work can also be facilitated by updating the files in the event of any changes.


With the right tools and systems, you can not only ensure more reliable data but also speed up decision-making processes and shorten information paths. We help companies to link the projection and production so that you can improve project delivery, reduce the proportion of waste, material consumption and keep schedules.


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Emad Zohrevand

AEC Account Manager

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