Manage your data properly


In all building projects, management is always by far the longest phase. Utilizing and reusing as much as possible of your data and information from the projection and production can create great benefit during the long time that the project is to be managed. This requires digital systems and processes, intelligent data and smart project models. The opportunities are great and the profits can be sky high. As it becomes more and more common for projects to be carried out with BIM principles, the opportunities to transfer project data to the administration become greater, but this places higher demands on your managers and the systems you use. In addition to new projects, you can use the right tools to manage information and data regarding the existing property portfolio.


Data management and System integration

We see companies that spend countless of hours every day just by looking for data. Data that is often spread across many different systems and that is digital or physical. Once the right data is found, there is a risk that the data is out of date or not up to date, which leads to the next time-consuming activity – verifying it. Manual and repetitive tasks take an enormous amount of time, are tedious and create room for mistakes. At Cadcraft, we can integrate your most important systems so that you can work with a single souce of truth. In this way, we can streamline your flows and streamline your processes.



Do you have good systems that makes it easier to perform, document and follow up inspections? Do you have standardized ways to perform your inspections? Cadcraft can help you regardless of whether it is to improve routines, implementation of new systems or to standardize the methodology for how you work in the systems.

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Emad Zohrevand

AEC Account Manager

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