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Many companies that work in some type of manufacturing industry, but whose products are used in the building industry, are difficult to place under one of our two main categories: construction or mechanics. Even companies that work with construction, but where the product is not necessarily a house or a traditional building, can be more difficult to categorize. In these situations, it can be difficult to know which tools or products are best to work with – is it Inventor or Revit? Sometimes the answer is simple, but often it is not completely obvious.

At Cadcraft, we have broad expertise in both the building industry and the manufacturing industry, and we work closely together in both areas, both internally and with our customers. We are used to dealing with this type of issue and work together to find the right solution for each customer. Do you need help investigating your business and which products or tools are right for you? Feel free to contact us and we will help you!

CAD and construction

We help you to find out which products and tools are best for your company, support you and also help you to implement the products and tools in a smooth way. We help you work out the right methodology and find smart shortcuts to make your company more efficient and competitive.


Why reinvent the wheel over and over again? With the help of configuration, you as a product supplier can quickly and easily create designs according to given requirements and wishes. Whether it is product configuration or repetitive modeling, we can help you develop customizations or configurators to facilitate the work. This can be used internally or towards the customer to more easily and accurately create a quote or to facilitate the modeling work. At Cadcraft, we have worked with different types of configuration for over 30 years. How can we help you?


We are experiencing an increased interest in BIM in the building industry, but also in the manufacturing industry. More and more people are faced with the requirements of being able to deliver BIM data for their projects. What does this mean and above all what does it mean to you? We can help you find out what is actually in demand and what measures you need to take to meet the requirements. We can also help you produce data that is project-specific or that can be reused for future projects.



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Emad Zohrevand

AEC Account Manager

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