Project Management

Do you know what your processes look like in a project?

Project Management

Communication, communication, communication. The best implemented projects are the projects where the communication has worked and where there is clarity and consensus on how information is moved throughout the project. This applies to everything from daily conversations and decision-making processes to file sharing and problem solving. Standardizing these processes facilitates and improves project delivery. Communication is an important factor that can directly affect the end result of the project and therefore it is important to use and standardize it in the right way.


Cadcraft Discovery Workshop

Do you know what your processes look like in a project? Do you know how you spend your time or where there is potential for improvement? A good way to find out this is with Cadcraft Discovery Workshop, which is an activity where we jointly review your business, processes and information flows. The workshop result in a report where you can visually see what your project processes and flows look like. With the help of this, we can develop a plan for digitization so that you can become more efficient and increase the quality of the projects.


Projection and coordination

During the projection, we create the conditions for a successful production. Finding and solving as many problems as possible in the office is significantly cheaper and more time-efficient than dealing with the problems on the construction site. With the right tools, you can create better conditions and a better basis for success in the production phase. For some it may be about going from projecting in 3D instead of 2D while others need to be able to perform more advanced collision checks. No matter what level you are at, Cadcraft can help you succeed with your projects!

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Emad Zohrevand

AEC Account Manager

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