Cadcraft Coaching

We support your business development

What is Cadcraft Coaching?

Cadcraft Coaching is a service that aims to support your company’s development in the areas where it provides the best benefit for you. Cadcraft can be an important support for continuous improvement of methods and tools within the business while you are fully occupied with your core areas. Based on your wishes and needs, the coaching can be more or less regular, linked to specific projects or be a more general support in the daily work.

Who does what and to what extent depends on your special needs and situation. At Cadcraft, we are passionate about helping you as a customer become more competitive and streamlining your business.

Personal consultant

As a customer, you get access to a personal application specialist who keeps our commitments and is often the one who performs the main part of the assignments. We recommend that you appoint a responsible internal representative to facilitate cooperation. Together, your representative and our application specialist will be a team that can effectively work out strategies to help you move forward.


The basis for the work is normally developed at joint strategy meetings where the purpose is to find opportunities for increased efficiency and shorter lead times. Participants in the meeting are representatives from both parties and any stakeholders. Usually, an overall plan is drawn up over focus areas with target images. Areas are prioritized, broken down into activities which are then planned during coaching sessions. These sessions can be regular such as once to twice a week, once to twice a quarter or more project-based, depending on your wishes.