Increase your service level towards your customers


More and more companies want to increase the level of service to their customers by offering web-based solutions on their website, such as a product configurator or 3D-based spare parts management. This enables the customer to retrieve information about the product anywhere and at any time without having to wait until you are available. Autodesk Forge is a key part of this type of solution. Autodesk Forge is the collective name for Autodesk REST-based APIs. With this cloud-based technology, we at Cadcraft can help you increase digitization, both internally and externally. CAD programs such as Inventor and Revit can be called on via the Forge API to perform work in the background.

As a certified Forge System Integrator, we at Cadcraft can help you develop a tailored solution based on your needs.

autodesk forge certified systems integrator

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