License management

Get better control of your licenses

License management

Get better control on your licenses and have them in order. Avoid being “non-compliant” and risk a costly audit. At Cadcraft, we can help you with an inventory of the current license set and make recommendations for cleaning up and optimizing license holdings.

Autodesk switches to named users and depending on the Autodesk Plan, different levels of reporting tools are available. Autodesk Standard Plan is best suited for smaller companies with one or a few licenses and does not offer the same functionality as Premium Plan. Premium Plan is designed to help SMEs that manage 50 or more licenses to operate more efficiently. An upgrade to Premium gives companies additional benefits in terms of administration, security and reporting. Take part in more detailed analyzes of license utilization that continuously provide information on how the holding is to be optimized.

We help you to set up an Autodesk Account and dependent on which plan, we can divide licenses into different teams to facilitate overview and reports. A team can, for example, correspond to a department, a business unit or a region.

Licenses can easily be moved between different users depending on the needs in connection with, for example, a project. To facilitate license management, Cadcraft can be part of your Account with a role as a Secondary Admin.