Method development

Unlock the full potential of your company

Method development

To utilize the company’s full potential requires not only the right tools but also an efficient way of working. It can be anything from a standardized construction of 3D models to how data is transferred between the company’s departments.

It is easy to get caught up in old habits, but if all designers work in the same way, it is easier to ensure quality, increase efficiency and by that create redundancy.


A standardized way of working can be about how you technically build CAD models in the software, but it can also be about which materials, wall thickness and fasteners are to be used. The gain will be twice as large where both of these aspects are addressed. By building models in a standardized way, it enables others to more easily familiarize themselves with a model that someone else has designed.

Modular construction

A company’s different products and variants are often based on a similar basic structure, but many still draw them separately and therefore each product becomes “special”. It is more efficient to start from predefined modules, which speeds up the design work and lowers the production cost. In the long run, production can build and stock the separate modules, which in turn shortens the delivery time.

Company-specific work methodology

Cadcraft has for a long time and in collaboration with our customers worked to develop company-specific working methods. Each company is unique, but many challenges in the manufacturing industry are the same for many companies.

Method development is either carried out as a one-off effort or is continuously developed together with you as a customer in something we call Cadcraft Coaching. Read more about Cadcraft Coaching here.