Process development

Link the company's data, systems and processes

Process development

How can the right information be conveyed to the right role at the right time and in a controlled way? How to avoid loose documents as information carriers, that the mail basket becomes a to-do and that the information is inadvertently changed during the process?

Linking data, systems and processes is a great potential for efficiency. At Cadcraft, we help you analyze where the organization feels that there are bottlenecks in the process, where it often goes wrong and where data is misinterpreted. Based on the analysis, we jointly review the process and prioritize which parts are most profitable to implement. For example, there may be a need for better handling of deviations and the associated change process.


A good tool for working with process development is to integrate a PLM system into the company’s processes. PLM connects people, processes, data and systems in the complete life cycle of a product, from idea to finished product. Simply put, PLM is the core point when it comes to information needs between companies and their partners.

With the help of Autodesk’s PLM solution Fusion 360 Manage (formerly called Fusion Lifecycle), we get digital support for sewing islands of data together and directing processes around information. Fusion 360 Manage connects your employees, processes and data across departments and geographies. It gives you the flexibility to start today and expand tomorrow with PLM adapted to your company.