cflow fish handling


Cflow Fish Handling AS is a Norwegian company that tailors fisheries management solutions for vessels and land-based facilities in the fishing and aquaculture industry. The high quality solutions are adapted to the harsh climate of the sea, developed by a team of biologists, engineers and designers. Since the company started in 2002, they have provided solutions for about 60 wellboat projects and 600 fishing boat projects.

Challenge for Cflow Fish Handling

Clow Fish Handling AS is in an expansion phase and in connection with this, they have faced various challenges that prevented them from growing in a good way. With a great lack of correct BOM and a lack of connection between PDM and ERP, the daily work was time consuming. Many tasks, which could actually be automated, were performed manually and the same information was re-created instead of reused, which led to high inefficiency in the company.

The goal for Cflow was to scale up the business and put important data into integrated IT systems. This is to avoid employees and isolated systems sitting on different data and information. For Cflow, it was also important to be able to easily find and reuse the right data and minimize work that does not create value.


The solution was based on Vault Professional and the use of Item Master. With Cadcraft’s integration platform iConnect, Vault could be connected to Cflow’s ERP system Monitor directly via APIs. This has enabled two-way communication, which has ensured that the right data is always close at hand. Cadcraft has helped set up and configure the system to support Cflow in the new digitized workflow.


With the integration between Vault Professional and the Monitor ERP system, Cflow has minimized the manual entry of data and made it easier to reuse existing items. It is now easier to locate data and they have also defined basic data in each system. An important part of the project is that Clow has been forced to clean up data in various systems, which in the end is very valuable for keeping data relevant and up to date. Another positive result is that they have gained much better control over BOM, both in PDM and ERP.

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