FlexQube offers a flexible system with standardized building blocks that can be used to design industrial material handling applications, such as pallet carts, kit carts and shelf carts. With their revolutionary technology, they have, among other things, developed the world's first modular AGV - The eQart.


FlexQube had problems with inefficient workflows as the collaboration affects different places in the world but which were all connected to a slow server in Sweden. Slow transfer speeds along with a lot of data entered manually in different systems led to a lot of time being spent on non-value-added work.


The goal of the project was to free up time to be able to work with more value-added activities. One solution to this was to have a single source of CAD data that can be easily accessed from the various locations around the world. Through integration between PDM and ERP, efficiency would increase without having to rewrite data. This would improve both collaboration and workflow.

Together with FlexQube, we at Cadcraft implemented a solution consisting of Fusion 360, Product Design & Manufacturing Collection and Vault Professional. We also connected Vault and FlexQube’s business system Monitor with our integration platform iConnect.

Fusion 360 is used to quickly create concepts for customer projects. Once the concept is established, the design in Inventor is refined to create all the necessary detailed models and drawings. CAD data is stored and managed inside Vault. When the final design is released, the BOM list is automatically transferred to the business system.




Following the launch of the Autodesk products, there have been several improvements in workflows around the organization. The development team can quickly create and collaborate in the Fusion Teams environment and then pass on the results to the design team for the production of drawings in Inventor. The design can be shared and uploaded much faster with the Vault configuration in Microsoft Azure, which reduces the delivery time for customer projects. With the integration of iConnect, the manual work of entering BOM into Monitor is removed, which advantageously provides a more controlled audit control over the two different systems.

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