HAKI has been an established name in the scaffolding industry for more than 60 years. The company started in Sibbhult in Skåne, Sweden, and here they still have their production facility. Today, HAKI is available in a large number of markets worldwide. With their long and broad experience, they create safe and effective solutions for their customers.

HAKI’s products are designed to provide maximum safety for everyone who works in harsh environments. They offer well-known products such as scaffolding systems, weather protection systems, hanging scaffolding, stamping systems, public stair towers, bridge systems and much more. Systems that are easy to install, sustainable and durable, which provides benefits in both time and money as well as in safety.


How can HAKI increase the added value for its customers, achieve better internal efficiency and at the same time increase its profitability?
This issue led to a change that meant going from a product-based business to a more solution-based business.


HAKI quickly identified that digitization is an important component for the success of this transition. They have therefore invested in various tools to make it easier for the customer. The tool set goes by the name HAKI Design Tools and includes:

  • HAKI Configurator which is a web-based 3D-configurator with Autodesk Forge as the back-end solution. With HAKI Configurator, the customer can build scaffolding products in a simple way directly on the web.
  • HAKI BIM is a plug-in to Autodesk Revit for the more advanced projects.
  • HAKI App that enables all product information to be available in the mobile.
  • HAKI Playground is a virtual showroom for scaffolding products based on technology from Unity.


With the help of their investment in digital tools, HAKI has helped their customers become more profitable in their projects. The project has also meant a reduced need for support, which means that HAKI’s product experts can spend time on the more complex projects. Lead times have been shortened both in the design phase and at the construction site itself. Input data has become more accurate and secures a secure delivery.

By helping their customers become more successful, the company has increased its position in the market and is now considered a “front runner” in their industrial segment.

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