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In very many industrial processes there is a need to purify gases. It can be anything from removing soot and hazardous particles from combustion processes to removing odors from various types of manufacturing processes. Since 1988, ITK Envifront has focused their operations on air purification technology and contributes in many ways to a more sustainable industry, both in Sweden and internationally.


ITK Envifront‘s challenge was about the need to enter the same project data into several data sources, which was done manually. They also had to manually update the general PDM system when data was released in Vault. This resulted in a lot of time devoted to non-value-added work and also entailed a high risk of sources of error.




The goal was to integrate the most important data sources to minimize waste of non-value-added work and minimize the risk of entering incorrect data. The solution was a tailored adaptation of Autodesk Vault together with system integration. The expected business outcome was to use the resources, which were previously used to enter data, to work with tasks that create value and that can drive the business forward. This would help ITK Envifront to become more competitive.


itk envifront


Thanks to this solution, ITK can focus on work that creates added value for their customers. They have saved both time and minimized errors thanks to system integration between their main mission-critical systems.

  • 600 hours are saved, which frees up time for value-added work
  • Easy to find the right data

With Cadcraft’s knowledge and commitment from ITK Envifront, we have together developed a smart solution that streamlines operations. With relatively little effort, we have succeeded in achieving great gains.

Digitization does not have to be large complex projects to give good results.

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