Since the start in 2015, Markexpo has focused their operations on sustainable house construction. An important aspect that distinguishes the company from other house suppliers is that they do not sell one house at a time. Instead, they build ecovillages with several houses that are produced from ecologically sustainable materials, and build an adjacent solar cell plant.


Markexpo’s main challenge was the difficulty of connecting all parties involved, such as house suppliers, land suppliers, electricity and plumbing. They wanted to optimize the communication and processes around each project and be able to reuse data to streamline future projects. In order to reuse the information, all data must be in the same model.


The ultimate solution for Markexpo was a mix of Autodesk Bim Collaborate, Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Construction Cloud. With BIM Collaborate, Markexpo can collect data and communication in one place and with Revit they can project in 3D, which together leads to increased structure in the projects. Autodesk Construction Cloud allows all parties involved to access and share the same house model in the cloud.



Thanks to Autodesk’s solutions and Cadcraft’s expertise, Markexpo saves both time and money and minimizes the risk of sources of error. They only need to do the basic work once as they can reuse data and information from one project to another, which streamlines the entire construction process. With better planning and more efficient work, they also reduce their waste in each house project, which ultimately contributes to a greener house construction, which goes hand in hand with Markexpo’s vision of sustainable construction.

Next step for Markexpo

The good collaboration between Markexpo and Cadcraft has meant that the company has secured the future of its work processes for a future in the market. There is potential to continue to grow within Autodesk Construction Cloud and the next step is to take advantage of more areas within the platform.

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