Tomal AB is an engineering company with its own production that sells and produces customized dosing systems within environmental technology. The company is one of the top leaders in the Swedish manufacturing industry and delivers to both municipalities and industries where 70% of deliveries consist of exports. Tomal's facility is located in Vessigebro, just outside Falkenberg in Sweden.


The challenges for Tomal AB have been to have more time for product development and to standardize products in order to be able to reuse modules in a smarter way. This in turn should minimize time that does not create value for the customer.

Another challenge is to minimize manual handling of the same data in different systems. This facilitates the work of reusing the right articles and modules. Tomal also wants to invest in the transition from special solutions to more standardized solutions.


The solution for Tomal has been to implement IT support that frees up more time and facilitates standardization of both processes and products. A connection has been made between the PDM system Vault Professional and the business system Pyramid to avoid manual handling of the same data. An example of this is that project information is loaded from Pyramid to Vault to avoid double entry. The next step will be to transfer items from Vault to Pyramid to facilitate preparation and purchase.



Vault’s ECO, Engineering Change Order, module has been implemented to gain better control over changes.

They have introduced product configuration based on Inventor iLogic so that designers can quickly adapt modules to the project and be sure to start from the right basis.


Designers save time in order design and can devote more time to the right things. The production data becomes more equal between each project. The risk of reusing incorrect articles has decreased and changes can be better tracked and captured. The structure facilitates the search for information.

Tomal continues its digitalization journey and we at Cadcraft are pleased to be able to support them in the coming steps.