The pressure from the market is constantly increasing in various ways and to meet this, Trepak constantly strives to streamline their processes.

Trepak International AB develops, builds, installs and maintains filling machines for liquid products and encapsulation lines for all types of packaging. Trepak’s solutions are always adapted to each customer’s specific needs. Assembly, service and maintenance are done through the company’s own techniques. Through partners, the company also installs machines elsewhere in Europe. A major customer is Tetra Pak, where Trepak has developed and delivered encapsulation units for some of their latest packaging products.



A clear bottleneck was the handling of items between construction systems & business systems. As the system was not connected, it involved a lot of manual duplication of work to handle article data. This also meant a potential source of error. Another important challenge was to be able to better control the release process and thus a more controlled audit management.


The Vault Professional document management system (so-called PDM system) was introduced to enable article management already in the design environment. Based on the 3D-CAD models, article data is extracted. This data is stored in Vault and then automatically transferred to the Garp business system during a controlled release. The bridge between the design environment and the business system consists of Cadcraft’s proprietary product iConnect. The introduction of the solution was carried out in project form with participants from Trepak, Office IT partner and Cadcraft.


Thanks to Vault Professional, Trepak today has a better structure and find out its design data. With iConnect, the manual preparation of articles and structures in their GARP business system is reduced. In the end, this solution makes more time for design and innovation work.

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