Information regarding multi-user licenses

Changes regarding multi-user licenses (network licenses)

Autodesk has released information about changes regarding multi-user licenses (network licenses). This change applies to Autodesk licenses of the subscription model and does not apply to the licenses that are still on maintenance agreements. If you still have a maintenance agreement, get in touch with us as soon as possible and we can advise you on how you can convert your license to the Autodesk subscription license model in the smoothest and cheapest way.


What are the changes?


7th of August 2020

  • Purchasing new multi-user licenses is no longer possible.
  • Valid only for the first time when it is time to renew the license or if it is a 1-year license. After 7 August 2020, you only have the opportunity to exchange your multi-user for two single-users. A multi-user gets two single licenses when exchanging.


7th of August 2021

  • The possibility to extend the subscription to multi-user licenses disappears.


Do not miss to exchange your multi-user licenses before this date!