Cadcraft Discovery Workshop

A tailor-made concept that focuses on your company's potential for improvement in terms of workflows and processes. The purpose of the workshop is to increase your business value and give the company a greater competitive advantage with the help of digitization.

Why Cadcraft Discovery Workshop?

The purpose of Cadcraft Discovery Workshop is to highlight issues around collaboration, communication, information flow and automation and identify which parts of your workflows could be optimized. The goal is to develop a digitization plan where you, at a pace that suits you, can gradually increase your digital maturity level and in the meantime save both time, money and increase the quality of your project deliveries.

The concept is based on us combining our expertise in technology and digitization, with what you are experts in, namely your business and your processes. We gather information and base our work entirely on discussions with you and your reflections on challenges and opportunities. This means that we can get an overall picture of your potential development areas and which priorities are right for your company.

During the workshop, we look at your current routines and flows and discuss future ambitions about how you would like to work. We also discuss how your processes are in line with your business initiatives and business goals. Furthermore we identify gaps and development areas to give you the necessary insights on further development of your digital strategy.


For a successful Cadcraft Discovery Workshop, the following is required from you:

  • Provide resources with executive sponsorship
  • Appropriate number of participant. What is an appropriate number is discussed on a case-by-case basis
  • Your participation in at least a half-day workshop, which can also be longer. This is also discussed on a case-by-case basis
  • The participants must reflect the company and be a group that is representative of the organization
  • At least one participant who is a decision-maker at the executive level and who engages in strategic thinking