Data management

Get your design data in order

What is Data management?

Data management, Product Data Management or PDM – known by many names. Keeping track of your design data is a prerequisite for a well-functioning design department. With the right system, you can easily track, reuse and manage your design data for a more efficient workflow.

PDM helps both design and engineering teams to organize their design data, manage documentation, track audits and other development processes in a central system. Autodesk Vault is a PDM system that helps you make decisions faster, reduce tasks that provide low returns, and at the same time increase collaboration between workgroups. The basic level of Vault is included in Autodesk’s product packaging “Product Design & Manufacturing Collection“, together with a number of other top tools intended for all functions within your team. The next step is  Vault Professional, which add additional smart functionality for collaboration and management of your design data.

Use you data

Product data created during product design can also be used in companies’ other systems to increase the efficiency and quality of your data. Reusing your data in the company’s business system (ERP system) eliminates time-consuming manual data entry and thereby minimizes sources of error.

Next level Data Management

Another way to streamline the company’s processes, where the development department is involved, is to add processes directly to the party or product. This provides Autodesk latest Vault Product Lifecycle Management (Vault PLM) product packaging that includes both Vault Professional and Fusion Lifecycle. Some of you are probably already working with processes related to parties and products in Autodesk Vault Professional, but with Vault PLM you can take the work to a whole new level and involve other departments in the company.


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