Design and Construction

The design phase sets the framework for the product's cost and environmental impact

The design phase sets the framework

In the design phase, the framework is set for approximately 70% of a product’s cost and approximately 80% of a product’s environmental impact. It is therefore critical that as a manufacturing company do what you can to digitize and streamline the work and have control over the processes around your product.

Cadcraft has been working to streamline and digitize the work in design departments since 1985. Previously, our work has primarily been about moving our customers from the drawing board to computer-based CAD design in AutoCAD, but in the last ten years there has been more focus on 3D design, data management and CAD-design.

Although the design department is our home ground, we put a lot of effort in streamlining companies as a whole, as the great potential for improvement is rarely found in each department but in the interface between the company’s different islands.

Areas within design and construction

Work smarter

Once a company has started working with 3D design, a need for uniformity may arise. Many designers are fantastically talented and ambitious, but often have “their own way” of building models. Through a standardized way of working and modular construction, you can increase the quality and capacity of the design department.

Historically, the primary purpose of the design department has been to create a production basis for production and in some cases a tender basis for the sales department. Nowadays, the design department is increasingly involved in more of the company’s processes.


Document management

Data Management, also called Product Data Management (PDM), is a prerequisite for a well-functioning design department. With the right system, you can easily track, reuse and manage documents and design data for a more efficient workflow.