3D design

Save money, get more time and reduce environmental impact

What is 3D design?

Design in 3D offers completely different possibilities than the corresponding 2D surface. In addition to the purely visual advantage, the model can be used for far much more. Decisions about form, function and performance can be made earlier through various analyzes such as FEM calculation, tolerance and collision analysis, production simulation, rendering and VR. Documentation for instructions, assembly and spare parts can be prepared before the product is manufactured.

With a complete 3D model, metadata is stored in the model and this information can be reused in other systems such as the company’s business system. Article data and structures can be created automatically based on the 3D model information. This automates manual work and secures the correct data throughout the process.


Have you started your digital journey?

At Cadcraft, we have worked with digitization for 35 years and we are passionate about helping our customers with business development and efficiency. Integrating your company’s business system with Autodesk Vault frees up time that can be prioritized on product development. In this way you avoid duplication of work and reduce the risk of sources of error.


Areas within 3D design