Concept modeling

Fast methods for changes in the product development project

What is concept modeling?

In the early phases of product development projects, changes are often made and then it is important that this can be done quickly and smoothly. In order to be able to model quickly in the early stages, and to be able to easily make changes, many people are looking for methods that make this possible. We call these rapid methods concept modeling. By finding methods that makes it possible to easily make changes, you get rid of the “bottlenecks” that stop the project and hinder its progress. Having a working method provides speed and stability in the process, which also becomes repeatable and reliable.

Get started with Subdivision modeling

As a complement to traditional modeling called NURBS modeling, we offer a faster method: Subdivision modeling. It is a proven method that has long been used in the gaming and film industry. This method is also increasingly used by most vehicle manufacturers, as it is by far the fastest method of modeling in the early stages of a project.

Simply described, the traditional limitations of models that cannot be changed or updated due to the history of the models and its dependence between different features in the history tree, are avoided. There is always continuity in the model, which creates the possibility to move or change the model without it falling apart.


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