Manufacturing design

To find the right way in the early stages of product development is crucial for an efficient development process.

Manufacturing design

Already in the concept phase, approximately 70 percent of the cost and 80 percent of the product’s resource and environmental impact are decided. Therefore today, design issues are increasing in importance in the manufacturing industry.


Manufacturing design is about so much more than form and appearance. Aspects that are at least as important are function and ergonomics, producibility, durability, as well as identification and distinction from competitors. With fast concept modeling, in software that is fully compatible with your normal design tools, you determine the important first steps in your product development. You avoid costly misunderstandings and convey ideas faster, safer and better to customers, suppliers and financiers. By investing in design at the right level for your company, you gain speed, quality and control in the development of new products – all the way from first idea to finished product.


Concept modeling and design

Sketch, change, refine, develop – all the way from first idea to finished A-classified surfaces. By integrating design into your product development, you get new opportunities to develop products efficiently that from the beginning are adapted to the requirements for sustainability, producibility and functionality that are placed on the market. Your finished design models can be used directly in the design programs without loss of data.


Product visualization

Clarity is the best way to a fast business deal! Let the customer see with their own eyes how you plan the new product or solution. With fast and clear product visualization, you get a quote worth the name and a discussion document that immediately engages the customer. By using software that is directly compatible with your other CAD environment, it is easy to create attractive visualizations and animate, simulate and render based on the design models you have already created. Efficient tools and streamlined workflows make it easy to create both simpler and more complex objects in high resolution.


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Patrik Borgenhard

Key Account Manager

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