Product Lifecycle Management

What is Product Lifecycle Management?


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) means ensuring that all functions in the product chain have the information they need to carry out their job as efficiently as possible. Product Lifecycle Management is about managing the complete life cycle of a product, from idea to finished product and connects people, processes, data and systems. Simply put, PLM is the core point when it comes to information needs between companies and their partners. It is also an effective tool in connection with product development to ensure quality, correct information and functionality.


With PLM you can track information about your product and determine why, how and by whom the process has been run which, for example, has led to decisions to change existing product (Change Order Management) or to develop a new product (NPI – New Product Introduction).

Link the company’s processes with Product Lifecycle Management

In each department of a company, there are usually tools and systems for how the local process is managed. These tools and systems can be, for example, Data Management tools for the design department, Customer Relationchip Management (CRM) systems for the sales department and project management systems for project managers. In many cases, these tools and systems are complemented by emails, Excel files and report-based documents.


The desire to link the processes in the company’s respective departments rarely comes from a specific department, but with an overall perspective on all departments, the overall profit will be large if flows are linked together. Clear process control for all the departments provides less room for errors and time thieves in communication and increases the bandwidth for the company’s main functions such as sales, production and design. Through clear process control and planning, the work can to a greater extent be carried out in parallel instead of serially, which shortens lead times and streamlines processes.


With a properly set-up PLM system, you do not need a single paper to pass ISO 9000 certification and the environmental work is facilitated as the processes are clarified to, for example, track environmentally hazardous materials. Investing in a PLM system therefore means a clear profit for the company as a whole.


Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage and Vault PLM

Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage (formerly Fusion Lifecycle) is Autodesk’s Cloud-based PLM tool. Compared to traditional and more advanced PLM systems that require a lot of configuration, Fusion 360 Manage has many predefined process flows that make it easy to get started. Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage is now also included in a package with Autodesk Vault (Vault PLM).


Cadcraft’s offer

With over 35 years in the industry, Cadcraft have for a long time helped companies to digitize and automate manual processes and to take the step to a more efficient product development. Product Lifecycle Management is another step in this direction. By linking your processes with the right strategies and the right tools, we can together optimize your product life cycle and maximize your profits.


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