Autodesk Vault PLM

Vault and Fusion 360 Manage

What is Autodesk Vault PLM?

For a number of years now, Autodesk has a product called Fusion 360 Manage (formerly Fusion Lifecycle), which is a PLM system. For those who already have their document management in order in Vault, Autodesk has chosen to package Vault and Fusion 360 Manage together. Autodesk calls this Vault PLM.

Autodesk Vault PLM creates collaboration throughout the company and manage the product’s complete life cycle from design to manufacturing, sales, aftermarket and service. At Cadcraft, we see great opportunities for our customers to raise the level further with this packaging as this is the next natural step in the effort to achieve increased efficiency.


Functions in Vault PLM

Product data management

Improve collaboration and get better reuse of design, track revisions, reduce errors and increase productivity with centralized data management.

New product development

Configure project templates, standardize milestones and tasks for product lines, roles or teams.

BOM management

Manage, visualize and share updated BOM information throughout the organization in real time.

Change management

Submit, track and approve technical change requests (ECR) and technical change orders (ECO).

Quality management

Automate qualitative workflows, monitor and record technical changes and analyze quality measures to prevent potential problems.

Supplier cooperation

Stay connected to your global supply chain around the clock for constantly up-to-date information on quotes, purchasing and supplier management.


The benefits of bidirectional data flow

An important advantage of integrating Vault and Fusion 360 Manage is the bidirectional flow of data for the introduction of new products, material management and change management for closed-loop traceability.