Product configuration

Standardize and free up your resources

What is product configuration?

With a configuration solution, you save time in both the design and sales process of your product. Product configuration makes it possible to respond more quickly to customers with information and quotation management, as well as a more efficient design process with fewer errors in production. Through links to the company’s business system and its articles, time savings are created in order management and the purchasing process.



Why are so many companies starting to focus on automating the flow around their products?

Today, Autodesk Inventor gives its users the opportunity to easily control their products. The user can securely disseminate the information, both within their own organization and also to customers on the web. Autodesk’s products give us and our customers a complete platform to follow and drive the development forward.

What is driving the development in this direction?

Many companies experience uncertainty in hiring young people due to lack of experience. With the help of a rule-controlled design, the company’s “Know how” is woven into the products and the information is kept intact even if the staff is new or replaced.

If you need to quickly provide a layout linked to a request or have a product that can be ordered in several different variants, a product configurator can streamline the flow.

Cadcraft’s offer

The programming for a configurator takes place in Autodesk Inventor and is called iLogic. If you have an Inventor license, you have everything you need to start building rules. At Cadcraft, we have developed an add-on to iLogic that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for iLogic programming. Our add-on is called Cadcraft iLogic Utilities and is a set of dynamic functions. A configurator built with Cadcraft iLogic Utilites reuses already created articles and does not generate any extra models with “Copy Design”. We use standardized functions that give us the opportunity to build fully dynamic compilations and drawings with high performance.

Our coding works both locally and with the Autodesk cloud solution Forge Design Automation, which can be linked to your website.

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