System integration

Get more out of your IT investments

What is system integration?

Several of our tasks are already digitized in various IT systems. It can be business systems, CAD systems, HR systems, CRM systems, document management systems and other systems of all kinds. We at Cadcraft believe that the key to real digitization lies in the integration between the systems to get better order of the information and to be able to automate flows. Integration means streamlining administrative processes and a faster digitalisation pace for the entire company.

Getting different systems to communicate with each other reduces the need for manual handling, which can save an enormous amount of time. In addition, mistakes are minimized and prevented as the transfer of information between the systems takes place automatically and securely.

Why system integration?

The purpose of integrating different systems is to

  • Reduce manual handling of data between different programs and systems
  • Free up working hours for the user
  • Reduce lead time to production
  • Secure the right basis for purchasing and production

A successful integration can generate good results for the entire business, such as

  • Better order flow
  • Reduced risk of manual errors when handling data
  • Minimized bottlenecks between design and production
  • Revisions and updates have a faster impact on production

Our offer

We implement integration solutions based on different environments and systems, such as CAD systems, PDM systems, PLM systems, ERP systems and CRM systems. Several of our systems integration solutions are based on Autodesk’s Data Management solution Vault (PDM) and the Product Lifecycle Management solution Fusion 360 Manage (PLM). These systems can be integrated with other systems such as business systems, cloud portals, customer management systems and project management systems.

For integration, we use our in-house developed and powerful platform iConnect, which automates the exchange of information between different departments and systems in the company. An example could be synchronized audit management between articles in PDM / PLM and ERP, which minimizes the risk of orders based on incorrect documentation. The solution is a standardized and flexible integration platform that connects PDM, PLM and ERP systems, among other things. It can also be about smart handling of XML data that is to be passed on to a databased system.

Today we offer different levels of iConnect for integration to the client side:

  • Integration of Autodesk Vault PDM
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage Source Module
  • Standalone XML client
  • iConnect API

We work closely with the Monitor business system and have together implemented plenty of integration solutions with iConnect. In addition to this, we also integrate with other business systems, such as Jeeves, Pyramid, IFS, Visma Business, SAP, GARP, iScala and many more. We also use Microsoft Power Automate and Webhoks for integration between selected systems.


Integration between PDM and ERP

cad pdm itools iconnect erp flöde


Integration between PLM and ERP


Smarter data-flow

At companies, there is often a clear focus within each individual department on becoming more efficient, but unfortunately the interface between the company’s various departments often has a lower priority, which ultimately creates inefficiency. Questions that you should consider are:

  • How do we receive data in the sales or order flow and how do we forward the data?
  • Do we start each new step by refining or reusing existing data, or do we start from scratch?
  • How much time do we spend manually on moving information from one system to another?
  • Does everyone always have access to the latest audit?

By taking advantage of the data created at each stage and making the correct version easily accessible to all parties involved, unnecessary administration and misunderstandings can be avoided.



Real digitalization – get more out of your IT investments

System integration is a really good way to get more out of IT investments. Connecting systems provides superior synergy effects and efficiency gains. Integration of stand-alone IT systems has enormous potential to simplify and automate processes and workflows, which provides a better user experience and increased profitability.


Cadcraft has extensive experience of connecting systems with each other that process design-related data. Our solutions for integrations are based on standardized software solutions that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

System integration with Monitor ERP

How to proceed?

To start working with system integration, we recommend conducting a Cadcraft Discovery Workshop, where we together map data flows and how an integration can create value for your company. What data stakeholders are there between which systems and when in the flow should it take place? The bearers of data are usually articles when it comes to communication to and from the PDM/PLM systems.


It is important to decide which data is to be moved between the systems, which system is the master for each metadata and where the article/data carrier is to initially be created. Article data can be generated from different systems. Typical production and purchasing-related data are often controlled by business systems, while basic information is controlled by the PDM/PLM system, such as designation and material.

When the overall questions are set, the questions are broken down:

  • Who has the right to create new articles?
  • How should data fields be mapped?
  • What data is mandatory?
  • Should nomenclature rules be applied?
  • How is data updated?

This type of information becomes the basis for the specification that control the set up.

Pilot environment

In order to verify and be able to test drive an integration, a test environment is often set up. This provides the conditions for calmly and safely being able to test the flows of data and adjust them depending on needs. Tests are performed with copies of existing data. A large part of a project is often to clean up existing data in order to be able to follow the new approach.

Production environment

When the environment is verified and the data has reached a hygiene level, the solution is commissioned. Continuous improvements and new wishes are observed.

At Cadcraft, we have extensive experience of working with system integration and are with you all the way. In addition to our expertise, we have a unique product called iConnect, whose purpose is to facilitate your integration needs.

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