System integration

Get more out of your IT investments

What is system integration?


Several of our tasks are already digitized in various IT systems. It can be business systems, CAD systems, HR systems, document management systems and business systems of all kinds. At Cadcraft, we believe that the key to real digitization lies in the integration between the systems.

By getting the different systems to communicate with each other, the need for manual management is reduced, which can save an enormous amount of time. In addition, mistakes are minimized and prevented as the transfer of information between the systems takes place automatically and securely.


In an ever faster world with higher demands on speed, security and flexible adjustment, mistakes are easy to make. Increased efficiency and more secure information management is a must. Therefore, our work needs to be supported by efficient solutions where different IT systems in the company’s different departments are integrated with each other.


We have specifically focused on integration between Autodesk’s Data Management solution Vault and other systems such as business systems, product lifecycle management systems and other data aggregating solutions.

Smarter data-flow


At companies, there is often a clear focus within each individual department on becoming more efficient, but unfortunately the interface between the company’s various departments often has a lower priority, which ultimately creates inefficiency. Questions that you should consider are:


  • How do we receive data in the sales or order flow and how do we forward the data?
  • Do we start each new step by refining or reusing existing data, or do we start from scratch?
  • How much time do we spend manually on moving information from one system to another?
  • Does everyone always have access to the latest audit?


By taking advantage of the data created at each stage and making the correct version easily accessible to all parties involved, unnecessary administration and misunderstandings can be avoided.


Real digitalization – get more out of your IT investments


System integration is a really good way to get more out of IT investments. Connecting systems provides superior synergy effects and efficiency gains. Integration of stand-alone IT systems has enormous potential to simplify and automate processes and workflows, which provides a better user experience and increased profitability.


Cadcraft has extensive experience of connecting systems with each other that process design-related data. Our solutions for integrations are based on standardized software solutions that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs.


Do you see a need for more efficient processes and secure data management in your company?

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Niklas Augustsson

Account Manager