System integration with Monitor ERP System

System integration with Monitor ERP System

Today, there are high demands on speed, safety and flexible adjustment, which can easily lead to mistakes being made. Increased efficiency and more secure handling of all information is therefore a must for all companies. Efficiency is about doing the right thing from the start and keeping an unbroken digital chain. Minimize complaints, no revoke, nothing “redo and do right” – that is the key to satisfied customers and profitability in manufacturing companies.

For many years, we at Cadcraft have had a strategic collaboration with Monitor ERP System, where our platform iConnect has emerged as an important part in the integration of data from the design department into Monitor. With iConnect, you get more value out of the integration, smart preparation of article metadata and BOM, the ability to verify and compare data. In addition, it is possible to build logic and rules to be able to automate workflows and ensure that information is kept up to date. The connection between iConnect and Monitor offers a standardized workflow and standardized clients, such as Autodesk Vault, standalone XML and API. iConnect is easy to configure and maintain and can be expanded with extensions.


“The Swedish industry spends hundreds of millions annually on correcting mistakes caused by ordering parts on incorrect data and manual typos.”

Jonas Persson, Business Development at Monitor ERP System

iConnect main features

  • Standardized platform
  • Standardized clients
  • Easy configuration and maintenance
  • Easy to expand with extensions

Unique with iConnect

  • Pre-process design data
    • Verify and compare data
    • Manage article metadata and BOM
  • Build logic and rules
    • Automated workflows
      • Add or update articles and structure
      • Handling of raw materials and operations etc
    • Smart script functionality
  • Production data
  • Link PDF, DXF etc. to article

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Different types of integration

Integration with Monitor can be done in different ways depending on the software environment and the needs you have.

One-way integration between CAD/PDM (XML) to Monitor





Full integration between Autodesk Vault (PDM) and Monitor




Benefits of system integration

The benefits of system integration become clear through all stages of the company. Just by avoiding the otherwise mandatory manual reflecting of the production structures in the various systems provides great benefits. All manual handling is time consuming, tedious and involves potential sources of error – and therefore the quality is inadequate.

The benefits are not only technical and financial, as the understanding of a project increases when the systems are integrated. This is important for the workflow to be efficient from customer meeting to order, not least to get the customer involved in the planning.


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