Sweden has a highly developed manufacturing industry that competes in a global market. Swedish industrial companies have generally already implemented basic improvements and therefore maintain a relatively high technical level.
In order to remain competitive we must constantly develop our business, both in terms of how we work and how well we take advantage of the opportunities that modern technology offers.



In the construction industry, there is a clear division of companies depending on the level of digitization achieved (BIM Level 0 – 3). In many cases, there are requirements that you must be at a certain level to work with, or even offer a project. The reason is that the customer wants to be able to ensure efficiency and quality in what is being delivered. In order to be competitive in the construction industry, it is necessary to continuously digitize your business in order to reach the next level in the BIM ladder.
The same applies in the manufacturing industry, where we can see a similar division among our customers. Which of the levels below is your company at?



A modern CAD tool and some form of document management system is today a prerequisite for running a functioning design department. Here you build your model in 3D and create a design basis for production. The design data is stored in the document management system to keep versions in order and back up data.


In addition to level 1, there is an effective documented work methodology that aims to ensure quality and that all designer must be uniformly constructed (Standardization), regardless of who in the design department has made them. As all designers work in the same way, better redundancy is obtained as this makes it possible for more designers to work towards the same design. Achieving full redundancy, however, requires a more advanced data management system where it is easy to find, track and reuse data.


The next step (in addition to levels 1 and 2), is to take advantage of the potential and power of the innovation platform you have in a better way. Product packaging for construction today contains significantly more functionality than basic 3D-CAD and document management. Used correctly, you can do the following:


  • Strength calculations to reduce weight while ensuring quality
  • Visualization and rendering to create a better basis for decision-making internally and to the customer
  • 3D scanning to use existing geometries as a starting point for new constructions
  • Digital factory layout provides faster conversion in production and reduces the risk of bottlenecks
  • Modularization of standard products to reduce construction time and production cost
  • Wiring directly in the CAD model enables smarter routing and provides precise cable lengths


Between levels 1-3, it is mostly about internal efficiency (doing things right) in the company’s design department. Once we have reached a higher internal efficiency in the design department, it is time to take advantage of this to achieve a higher external efficiency (to do the right things). Increased external efficiency facilitates the work for other departments within the company, but also aims to get closer to your customers and become better at meeting their needs and desires.


  • System integration

Today, the greatest potential for efficiency in manufacturing companies usually lies in the interface between the company’s business-critical systems. By integrating the systems with each other, manual steps are automated while ensuring that everyone has access to the right information. A system integration thereby minimizes the risk of making purchases and manufacturing on the wrong basis.


  • Internal product configuration (Sales configuration)

Web-based regulated user-friendly tool on the website or the seller’s computer where the customer himself at home or together with the seller can configure the product as he / she wants it and directly see what their specific variant of the product looks like and what it will cost.


  • External product configuration 

A more advanced configurator used by a technical salesman or constructor as technical expertise is required to make the right choice. Accelerates the development of production data and more advanced quotation data.


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