Advance Steel 2022

Advance Steel is a 3D modeling software for steel detailing, design and fabrication.

Advance Steel 2022


What is Advance Steel?

Advance Steel is a software program from Autodesk, dedicated to 3D modeling of steel structures, designs and details. Designers can now use a bi-directional link between Advance Steel and Revit and thereby collaborate on the same 3D model, which in turn saves both time and minimizes errors.

The 3D model is built by intelligent construction elements such as beams, pillars, bolts and welds that are assembled using parametric connection tools. The 3D model can generate BOM lists, construction materials and drawings.

Automate repetitive tasks with intelligent design tools in Autodesk Advance Steel

  • Create complex constructions in fewer steps with Dynamo Extension. Use the library of parametric steel connections and dedicated tools to streamline design and other tasks.

Use tools to automatically create accurate drawings and basis for manufacturing

  • Generate and update drawings for steelmaking automatically. Create model-driven data and NC files to streamline manufacturing and installation.