Alias Surface 2023

Alias Surface 2023 is an effective design software for product development and process improvement.

Alias Surface 2023


What is Alias surface 2023?

This is a tool for industrial surfaces and vehicle design. Alias Surface 2023 contains a comprehensive set of software tools for design work, development of concept models, surface modeling and visualization, specially developed for industrial, product and vehicle design.

News in Alias surface 2023

  • Alias 2023 offers more SubD automation with the reform function and a unique way to change folds. With the reform function, you can take all scanned mesh data and convert them into a SubD model for faster design iteration.
  • Accelerate your design process with several enhancements to the latest version of Alias Surface 2023, including a new reworked tool.


Concept design and fast production of concept models

Flexible product modeling

Fast, repeatable, curve-based modeling tools that let you edit and shape 3D models instantly.

3D sculpture

Sculpt surfaces in 3D by directly adjusting the control points. Use curve-based tools, direct modeling and more.

Detailed design and surface analysis

Automatic shape matrices

Simplify uniform and non-uniform objects with matrices. Create arrays of lines and surfaces in 2D and 3D.

Shading in clay

Temporarily change your shaders to clay materials. When you are done, the model regains its original shape.

Light contour for surface flow

Discover design movements and underlying shapes – for example how the sand moves or the shape of the snow on a mountain.

Surface modeling and handling of class surfaces

Improved tool for surface from nets

Update original data with scanned data from clay models.

Surface modeling with precision

Create Class A surfaces quickly, efficiently and in a controlled manner.

Exchange of construction data and product visualization in Alias Surface 2023

Interactive product visualization

Evaluate design options with real-time visualizations. Use shading models, add color and texture and more.

VRED compatibility

Quickly convert Alias ​​files to VRED for 3D visualization.

Convenient data exchange

Share industrial design data with mechanical design and CAD software, including Inventor, CATIA, SolidWorks and many others.


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