Autodesk Build

Improve the construction process by providing access to connected teams, workflows and data directly from the construction site.

Autodesk Build


What is Autodesk Build?

Autodesk Build, formerly BIM 360 Build, aims to improve the collaboration and communication between building production and design, ie the construction site and the office. The software is a cloud service and provides access to Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Project management

Ensure that the project runs according to plan by improving the collaboration and reducing miscommunication, errors and revisions.

Quality assurance

With Autodesk Build, you can track all problems in one place, which opens up the possibility of solving problems earlier. Reduce costly rework and gain control over the project’s time frame.

Security management

Develop easy-to-use, repeatable security programs and get all team members to take responsibility for site security.

Control costs using Autodesk Build

Link project management and field driving data to cost activities in order to understand the root causes and cost effects.

Connect RFIs

Create RFIs and manage the review process. Connect RFIs to questions, order changes or meeting protocol.


What does Sheets in Autodesk Build mean?

The number of Sheets is the total number that you have access to in the “Sheets” area of the software and refers to all projects in which you participate. All Sheets, including revisions, are included in your limited Sheets. Documents and files located in the “Files” area are not included in this restriction. A Sheet is a drawing that has gone through the Sheet publishing workflow..

Should I choose 550 Sheets, 5000 Sheets or Unlimited?

  • 550 Sheets for a small project and team collaboration.
  • 5000 Sheets for a flexible collaboration between many different projects.
  • Unlimited Sheets for a collaboration without limitations.

Support agreement

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