BIM Collaborate

Design collaboration and coordination for smarter project delivery.

BIM Collaborate


What is Autodesk BIM Collaborate?

Connect teams and get help implementing design ideas with the cloud-based software BIM Collaborate. On one and the same platform, high-quality buildable models on one and the same platform can be delivered.

  • Be updated on the development of the design
  • Make smarter choices with the help of project insights
  • Evaluate the buildability using automatic collision detection

Gather workflows, insights and teams

The cloud-based Autodesk® BIM Collaborate and Autodesk® BIM Collaborate Pro applications for design and collaboration connect architect, engineering, and design teams to one platform.

  • Optimize communication with simple feedback tools
  • Allocate faster timelines using real-time co-creative design (Pro version only)
  • Reduce the need for information requests, rework and change orders with the help of sharper design documents




What is the difference between Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro?

BIM Collaborate is a cloud-based software for reviewers within the BIM / VDC project team. The software includes modules for Autodesk Docs, design collaborations and model coordination.

The Pro version is the latest development of BIM 360 Design and is a software for co-editing, design collaboration and coordination for AEC teams. The software includes all the features of BIM Collaborate as well as the collaboration services from Revit Cloud Worksharing, Collaboration for Civil 3D and Collaboration for Plant 3D, and is designed for anyone who needs to be able to design with co-editing, anytime and anywhere, in Civil 3D, Plant 3D and Revit.

Is BIM 360 Design still available? What is the difference between BIM 360 Design and BIM Collaborate Pro?

The Pro version is the latest development of BIM 360 Design. If you already subscribe to BIM 360 Design, you will automatically have access to all the features of the Pro version. If you want to collaborate on an ongoing BIM 360 project, you only need to subscribe to the Pro version.

This has been added to the Pro version:

  • Access to both Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 platforms
  • Model coordination for automatic workflows with collision detection and collision analysis
  • Glue (with Navisworks-eligible)
  • Insight, for advanced project analysis