Cloud Credits

Buy Cloud Credits to get access to cloud services, including rendering, simulation and reality capture.

Cloud Credits


What are Cloud Credits?

To use the cloud services, you need Cloud Credits. You can use the credits to run these consumer-based services and save time in your workflow. To get your credits, you must have a maintenance plan or subscription. When you are linked to one of these, you get a starter pack of 100 credits and when you have used these you can buy new ones. The first 100 credits are personal and can not be shared or transferred. Purchased credits can be shared and used by several users on the same contract. When you use these services, you can see how many credits you need for each service, as well as your remaining credits.

Examples of Credit Costs:

  • Cloud rendering – about 1 credit per megapixel
  • Cloud simulation – 10-100 based on complexity
  • Infraworks 360 – 100 credits per 5 km of road
  • Structural Analysis for Revit – 2 credits
  • Lightning Analysis for Revit – 1 credit or more depending on resolution

Shared Cloud credits are linked to a specific contract number and all users who have access to the contract have access to these credits if they have used their own start-up credits. Shared credits have a lifespan of 12 months. Upon transition from maintenance plan to subscription, the remaining credits are lost.