Fusion 360

With Fusion 360 you can simulate, collaborate and perform machining in an integrated set of tools for the entire process - from idea to production.

Fusion 360


What is Autodesk Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 is a fundamentally newly developed CAD, CAM and CAE tool from Autodesk.

Combine industrial and mechanical design. Simulate, collaborate and perform machining in an integrated set of tools for the entire process, from idea to production. The program connects your entire product development process on a single cloud-based platform for both Mac and PC.


Coordinate design, engineering and manufacturing on a single platform

Create a smooth and coherent product development process. With just one platform, you can follow the steps in your workflow:

  • 3D design and modeling
  • Documentation
  • Generative design
  • Cooperation
  • Simulation
  • Manufacturing

By building from the ground up based on the latest technology and at the same time bringing experience and expertise from the development of Autodesk Inventor, we have succeeded in creating a very powerful and above all an easy-to-use software for 3D design.

In addition to 3D modeling, functions for compilations and 2D drawings, you also get functionality for both CAM and FEA. You have direct access to Autodesk Print Studio, which in turn allows users to prepare their models for 3D printing. As a result, many 3D printers have chosen Autodesk Fusion 360 as their modeling tool.

Discover the possibilities with Fusion 360


Add-ons for Autodesk Fusion 360

Get more out of Fusion 360 with add-ons!

  • Fusion 360 – Generative Design
  • Fusion 360 – Manufacturing Extension
  • Fusion 360 – Team Participant